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Stainless steel sinks

In this category we enclose all the stainless steel kitchen taps. What are the advantages of this material compared to chromed brass, another extremely widespread alloy in the world of taps and fittings? We must start from the premise that steel is an alloy between iron and carbon, which with its unique characteristics has revolutionized entire sectors, from construction onwards. For these same features, the stainless steel is increasingly appreciated also for taps, both for the bathroom and the kitchen. But what are the most appreciated properties of stainless steel? First of all, it should be underlined that stainless steel, because of its extraordinary compactness, avoids preciously the nesting of bacteria, thus making our domestic environments healthier and safer. It's not all here: the other highly valued property of stainless steel taps is their resistance to corrosion, because of the particular capacity of this alloy of ' self-generating '. The stainless steel is in fact protected by a passive film, a kind of superficial film that keeps intact, beautiful and functional this material over time. This aspect should not be overlooked: some of the detergents that can be found on the market, being overly aggressive, may end up deteriorating the taps. In case of stainless steel kitchen taps, however, this risk does not exist, because of the particular resistance of this material.

Why choose a stainless steel faucet for the kitchen sink?

Beautiful and extremely elegant, there is no doubt that stainless steel is a good choice also from the aesthetic point of view, especially  for kitchen faucets with modern lines. Steel, in fact, marries perfectly with the taps that respond to a minimalist aesthetics, with clean and decisive shapes; Who tends instead for classic forms, more elaborate or rounded, probably will lean on the chrome brass, which gives the best of itself in the vintage models. Who wants to look at itself in the tap of his own kitchen, on the other hand, will choose the brass; Who prefers a satin surface, or maybe brushed, will lean for stainless steel. It should not be forgotten that stainless steel does not contain lead, and that it is also free of carcinogenic or harmful substances, aspects not to be overlooked when talking about the taps of the kitchen.

Certainly steel also has faults compared to brass, especially at the level of production: in fact the chromed brass can be worked easily, the steel must instead be dug and turned, and this increase slightly the average costs of Stainless steel faucets.

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