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Kitchen faucet with extractable/ extendable shower

Are you looking for a practical and functional kitchen faucet? Here, on this page we present the maximum functionality in the field of kitchen faucets. Let's go with order: until not long ago, the kitchen taps were unequipped with mixers, and were mostly fixed. Then, over the years, two important innovations have arrived. First of all, the majority of the taps became revolving, so as to make the washing of dishes more practical . Secondly, the mixer was introduced, an element that today, for its functionality, is always more common. But that's not all. To make the kitchen faucets even more practical, the producers worked on the spout, proposing two highly functional models: the kitchen tap with removable shower and the kitchen tap with a flexible barrel. And on this page we want to introduce you to the best models conceived and realized by the most innovative Italian producers: which faucet will you choose to make your kitchen sink highly practical?

The advantages of the kitchen faucet with flexible barrel

The taps with extractable shower, viewed from the outside, could seem a common single-lever taps, nothing more. There are different types: high barrel, low barrel, with side or top mixer, with straight or round barrel. To distinguish them from all the others is however the spout, which is extractable: This means that in the kitchen, for washing dishes or for cleaning, you can count on a comfortable shower, which allows us to move the water jet in different positions. As anticipated, however, this is not the only option. To have a professional kitchen faucet, and therefore built starting from the models used in the kitchens of the most modern restaurants, you should in fact orient yourself towards the taps with flexible cane. These are models with high spout, articulated and swivel, as well as, in most cases, with extractable shower. Difficult, in short, to ask for more to a faucet. These last models, of course, represent an important accessory, which can have a strong impact within the kitchen environment. They get married perfectly inside a modern kitchen.

Those who love cooking should absolutely consider the kitchen taps with extensible shower or with flexible cane: from rinsing the vegetables to washing the dishes, it will be all differently better!

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