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Reclinable kitchen taps

Architects and designers absolutely agree that the best location for the kitchen sink is, when possible, under the window. Beyond the pure aesthetic fact, it should be emphasized that in this way it is possible to exploit the natural light for the use of the washbasin, so you not have to turn on the light even during the day, avoiding collaterally all those shadows that often make difficult this task. It should then be added that being able to wash the dishes in front of a window allows the look to space, making this activity less tiring, lighter and more enjoyable.

We have to underline, however, that wanting to place the washbasin under the window inevitably leads to important considerations from the hydraulic point of view: In the case of a normal window with traditional opening, in fact, it will be necessary to equip itself with A special reclining kitchen faucet, which can be folded horizontally over the washbasin, allowing the window to open. Not always, moreover, it is necessary to equip themselves with faucets with a folding barrel: Sometimes the height of the window allows to install a simple tap with low barrel, thought not by chance, just to optimize the spaces. Very often, however, the height of the light compartment is just above the line of the washbasin; Other times, our needs do not allow us to choose for a low faucet, which of course can only limit the functionality of the kitchen sink. In these cases, the only possible choice – and therefore the best – is made up of the reclinable kitchen taps.

Buy a reclinable faucet for the kitchen

The ideal kitchen, in terms of functionality, is the one that places the sink in the centre of everything – preferably under a light compartment – placing on one side the burners and the cooking top, and on the other the refrigerator. In this way the sink conquers the his position inside the kitchen, both in the case of a linear arrangement and in that of an angular arrangement. The Under-window reclining faucet, from this point of view, becomes a qualifying and essential element. Typically this particular faucet is single-lever and, of course, to support, being the wall occupied by the window itself.

Being able to count on the right elements, no project is impossible: it would be a pity to give up the kitchen of your dreams – and then to the sink under the window – for the mere fact of not having taken into account the reclinable faucets  for the kitchen!


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